CIT for Hair Growth

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Hair Growth with Collagen Induction Therapy

Clinical Benefits:

Slows down hair loss

Strengthens hair roots

Maintains function and structure of healthy skin tissue

Stimulates hair growth

Increases thickness and density

Ensures optimal anchorage of the hair roots

Why do we lose hair?

A photo of a man's head with hair loss and a graph around the photo showing the causes of hair loss that includes aging, chemicals, nutrients, UV, pollution and the biggest cause of hair loss: DHT (genes)

Hair loss is multi-factorial; we lose hair due to:
• Natural aging of the scalp tissue
• Nutrient deficiencies
• Non-professional hair product chemicals
• Pollution
• Diet & nutrition
• And more
The scientific community widely acknowledges that the #1 factor of hair loss is hereditary imbalanced hormonal
activity in our hair follicles – meaning, genes.

Specifically, the blame is pointed towards one hormone called: Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT.

DHT is derived from testosterone by the 5-αlpha reductase enzyme, which is active within the hair follicle cells and sebum of both men and women. High levels of DHT trigger the “hair loss genes” of the cells and prevents normal hair growth. The supply of blood and nutrients is compromised, hair grows thins until it is completely eliminated. This biological process is also known as follicle miniaturization (follicles that shrink over time).

Feel confident about your hairline again.

Hair Loss: What can be done?

If the hair follicle is completely eliminated (i.e. completed the miniaturization process and died), it is not likely to be restored. The good news is that ongoing miniaturization can be reversed and shrinking follicles can restore their healthy function if treated in time.

How to reverse DHT-induced hair miniaturization?

• Block the formation of DHT within hair follicles
• Re-anchor the hair follicle with its roots
• Replenish micro-circulation that brings oxygen and nutrients to the roots
• Supply all the nutrients, vitamins and proteins required for healthy hair function
• Make sure the skin tissue around the follicle is healthy and functioning properly

What treatment does Pür GLō recommend for hair loss?

Pür GLō recommends Collagen Induction Therapy and Nutritional Support. LEARN MORE >

Collagen Induction Therapy Hair Growth Protocol

When receiving CIT Hair Growth treatments, the following protocol is applicable:

Microneedling Treatments:
• Stimulate the scalp creating an avenue for product to penetrate and nourish the hair follicle and scalp.
• Hair Treatment ampules alternating with Skin Rejuvenating Vitamin Ampules are applied during the Microneeding treatments. This is a 16-week protocol (microneedling treatments every 2 weeks).

At Home Care, between treatments:
• XCELLARISPRO, a take home serum that is used nightly.
• The Dermaroller® is used with the XCELLARISPRO serum on alternating nights.
• Take home support hair care to assist in the elimination of DHT production allowing hair to regenerate through the microneedling process.